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Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

“Automatic Seeding Line” is designed and manufactured by TIDAPARS Industrial Group

Automatic nursery sowing machine

It is Automatic Full Seeding Line for vegetable Nurseries. It is IRAN’s best Seeding Machine. At least it sows 1200 Trays/hour. It runs on three phase electricity.

TIDAPARS Sowing line components:

Trays stocker down and peat supply, screws conveyor for shatter, Filler, level settler with holding ring, cleaning brush, impress and sowing area, covering, irrigation unit, trays stacker up, electric console

Precision drum seeder allows the mechanized production of a whole course of vegetable/flower seeds. It is a necessary component that ensures the stable & high production, and also a choice for increasing production and cost-saving. This machine is extremely simple to use, versatile, strong and resistant. Also it highly improves the seedling production efficiency.

Compared to the traditional seedling method and the auto-roller-seeder, this reduces the null transplanting ration of machine seedling with a wide margin.

Controls are on lateral switch board and each working step of the sowing line has its own security system.

TIDAPARS’s seeder allows for easy changeover of tray and seed types as the seeding and dibbler drums can be quickly changed out without the use of any tools.


The Automatic TIDAPARS Seeding Line can speed up to 3600 trays per hour

Stocker down unit

The automatic tray Stocker down unit can be used for monolith trays or strong plastic trays and can be added to the TIDAPARS nersury Seeding Line. In this part, the trays are placed in a group in the tray tank and move to the soil filling unit by the chain transmission system.

In this clip, you can see the Stocker down unit from TIDAPARS Seeding Line.

Soil Filling in TIDAPARS Seeding Line:

TIDAPARS’s Filler is able to fill the plugs very well. Suitable for all kinds of trays

–  Screw feeder rotation makes the clots shatter and the soil mix well

–  The screws for loading and handling of the soil are in horizontal and vertical way

– Screws are made in steel to resist against torsion, thrusts or stress

– The tray filler ensuring the maximum filling uniformity in every cell

– 554-liter hopper

– Automatic cleaning brush

– Extra spiral part to collect excess soil

2pneumatic seed dispenser
dibbler drum


– To exist pneumatic seed dispenser of seed tank, for precision sowing even amount of low seed in seed tank

– The sowing drum is manufactured in thick aluminum to avoid any risk to become oval

– Seeds sucker is flexible to empty the seeds tank

Intelligent rotor system with its ability to:

– Clean before each planting with air pressure

– Adjust the air for seed fall

– Vacuum regulation


– The drilling drum is adjustable and it guarantees a correct punching because use transmission movement of chains

– The driven dibbler ensures a centered positioning in the cell and a perfectly regular shape of the hole

– Rotary impressing’s modern system with ability protect of Polystyrene trays

drum seeding
seeding drum
sowing drum

drum seeder
dibbler drum
Impressing unit in seeder
impress and sowing unit in drum seeder
Impressing dibbler drum

Covering unit in TIDAPARS Seeding Line:

– Material: soft soil with low moisture content (perlite, vermiculite, …)

– Covering unit has a drum with a honeycomb surface for a homogeneous covering

– Fall of the material is adjustable

–  Automatic covering, as soon as the tray arrives

– Tray movement system: conveyor

Irrigation unit in TIDAPARS Seeding Line

– The irrigation unit has a great water delivery

– Watering slowly and with low pressure, without changing the location of the seed in the plugs

– Automatic watering as soon as the tray arrives, smooth and without drip

– watering unit length 700 mm with 4 drilled bars;

– Optimum water consumption

– Tray Movement System: conveyor

stack up unit in TIDAPARS Seeding Line

– Vertical Trays stacker up

– Staking up unit, for easier and faster transfer of trays to greenhouses

– The staking up has a high security level and it is possible to stack up more than 50 kg.

– Work capacity:  1200-3600 seedling trays per hour
– Suitable for planting coated and uncoated seeds
– Suitable for planting seed in different types of plug trays
– Rotating drum system
– Ability to adjust the amount of soil pressure of planting


Technical specifications seeding line tidapars

catalog seeding line
Nursery Seeding Line profile
Nursery Seeding Line profile


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Automatic Seeding Line can speed up to 3600 trays per hour. drum seeder suitable for planting seed in different types of plug trays