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Drier machine of vegetable and fruit

drier machine

TIDAPARS Drier machine of vegetable and fruit

Dehydration is one of the world’s oldest methods of food preservation, with the principles of this process influencing some of the most modern methods of food science.
Drying food in the sun has been going on since the beginning of recorded human history.
Food dehydration reduces the size and weight of the food, while keeping some of its nutritional content. This makes it much easier to transport and store, not to mention an amazing longevity of 6 months to a year.

Dehydrated food is having always been a staple part of our diets, due to its simplicity and efficiency in preserving food, and it looks set to continue to influence modern food technology.

TIDAPARS company specializes in the production of food dryers and other products, process, quality assurance, cost-effective!

Traditional drying methods are not only unsanitary, but also affected by the weather, because not every day is sunny.

Moreover, traditional sun drying is unsanitary, dusty, and flies. A dryer is a machine that separates the water from the food and keeps the food nutritious.

Generally, the temperature can be controlled at 30 to 100 degrees, and the continuous low temperature constant temperature control technology can not only ensure the vitamins and other nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements of food.

Features this machine:
1, Cycle heating, large capacity, metal body, energy saving

2, Stainless steel metal body, durable, not easy to corrode

3, 11-layer large capacity, large space

4, Three fans, ventilation heating, heating block, even heat, less heat loss, power saving.

5, Continuous constant temperature control technology

drier machine of vegetable and fruit

drier machine of vegetable and fruit