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Greenhouse filling machine modelTIDA2018B

Greenhouse filling machine modelTIDA2018B, Convenient foot pedal

Greenhouse filling machine, Convenient foot pedal

tidapars Greenhouse filling machine

Greenhouse soil filling machine is for filling all kinds of soils in bags, pots and growbags. This machine is used for greenhouses producing flowers and ornamental plants and pots, as well as nurseries.

As production expands, economic production is no longer possible in the traditional way, which was often low accuracy and low speed. Greenhouses try to use mechanized equipment and devices, especially in hard and tedious jobs.

Thus, the accuracy and speed of their work and production are increased, on the other hand, they use manpower and workers in more important positions. Therefore, in terms of economics and production overhead costs, it will ultimately be more profitable for the production unit.

Use of filling machines in greenhouses: Very short return on investment, reduction of production costs, increase of capacity and increase of economic justification of growing flowers and ornamental plants

TIDAPARS Industrial Group, a specialized manufacturer and exporter of greenhouse machines, has designed and supplied greenhouse equipment and filling machines in order to meet the needs of potted flower production greenhouses and nurseries.

Greenhouse soil filling machine is one of the series of filling machines produced by TIDAPARS that is introduced on this page.

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Introduction and operation video of the greenhouse filling machine

Greenhouse soil filling machine features

– This machine is used in greenhouses, agriculture and forestry

– TIDAPARS Greenhouse filling machine modelTIDA2018B is suitable for filling different sizes of pots, bags and growbags

– Ability to adjust the amount of soil fall with easy pedal operation to fill pots and bags

– Suitable for any soils: coco peat, perlite, sand, garden soil and a variety of moist and heavy soils

– Special soil transfer system to maintain soil quality and structure

– Effective design of the reservoir to prevent soil closure

– High technology, PLC system (including electrical board)

– Easy mechanical control by the operator and simple to use

– Optimal accuracy and performance

– Emergency shutdown key to increase safety

– Ability to move the car easily by installing the carrier wheel

– Dedicated conveyor suitable for use in each greenhouse (increase work speed and reduce labor force)

– Tank capacity: 1000 liters



TIDAPARS greenhouse filling machine-Technical specifications
TIDAPARS greenhouse filling Machine-Technical specifications
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Greenhouse soil filling machine is used for greenhouses producing flowers and ornamental plants and pots, as well as nurseries.