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Mulching Machine

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Multi-purpose Agricultural Machinery

Mulcher with manure tank

Combined fertilizer and bar and nylon irrigation machine for cultivating fertilizers


TIDAPARS mulching machine are designed for covering bed with mulch film laying. The use of this machine ensures the germination and growth of any type of crops such as tomato, watermelon, strawberries, etc.

Mulching Machine is the best way to recover and redeveloped your farming. The making purpose behind this agriculture machine is to save time and money which is the most important for all the farmers.

This machine will do the following works / 6 in 1 operation.

Groove creation – Fertilizing – Placing the irrigation tape – Nylon mulching placing – Hide edge of the nylon into soil – Piercing part

Technical characteristics:

– Mulching machine is ability to work with plastic and nylon rolls of different width. All parts of the machine are adjustable according to width of nylon. Our suggestion is to be used all kind of bio plastic.

– Suitable for all kind of soils.

mulching machine for Tomato Farming
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mulching machine Prevents weed growth


Advantages of Mulching in Outdoor Cultivation:

– Saves labor cost and working time

– Gives higher yield crops

– Prevents weed growth

– Saves water and fertilizers

– Increase productivity and product performance

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mulching machine Saves water and fertilizers
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mulching sheet laying machine
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TIDAPARS Mulching Machine Catalog
TIDAPARS Mulching Machine Catalog

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mulching machine with manure tank. Combined fertilizer and bar and nylon irrigation machine for cultivating fertilizers