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Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Greenhouse ultrasonic humidifier

Greenhouse humidification is important and protects plants. With “Ultrasonic humidifier”, you can control humidification perfectly.

– “TIDAPARS ultrasonic humidifier” is economical and simple to install and use
– The cool mist humidifier TIDAPARS is use ultrasonic waves
– This machine is the ideal solution wherever a fog is needed. It is perfect for big and small spaces
– The water particles are so small that they evaporate rapidly


Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

TIDAPARS humidifier is ultrasonic, one of the main parts of ultrasonic humidifiers is piezo ceramic. Now the question arises, what is piezoceramic and how does it work? Piezoceramic ultrasonic is a piece or sensor that under a certain voltage and frequency (ultrasound) with strong vibrations causes it to hit the water and turns the water into 1-3 micron particles that turn into fog.


The benefits of a humidifier:

– Increasing the humidity of the environment with water vapor (fog)

– Pest control by controlling ambient temperature and humidity

– Transfer dust and odor particles to the outside environment by merging with released water particles.

– Producing cold fog without water drops and wetting the environment

– The body of the device is made of galvanized steel sheet

– It has 2 mist output channels with a diameter of 110 mm, 360 degree moving output

– Large volume of atomization; Even and fine particle size.

– Wide spraying space/without surface wetting

– Easy installation and operation, portability of the device

– High quality parts with long life

– High efficiency and low maintenance cost of the device

– Easy cleaning, proper insulation, no blockage and leakage


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Ultrasonic humidifier


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ultrasonic greenhouse humidifier can control humidification level perfectly. This machine is the ideal solution wherever a fog is needed.