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About us

Modern greenhouse equipment

TIDAPARS Company is a specialized producer and manufacturer of the most complete package of greenhouse machines in Iran

Modern greenhouse machines, the important need of world’s agriculture

About TIDAPARS, general introduction: The management of this company (miss. FAEGHEH OSANLOU) – Education: Doctorate of Business Administration / Advanced course in professional management from the Ministry of Economy of Germany / Master’s degree: Industrial engineering, system management and productivity from Tehran Industrial Management Organization / Bachelor’s degree: Agricultural machinery engineering from (SHAHID CHAMRAN University of Ahvaz) started working in the field of production and design of agricultural machines and tools since 2007 and gradually put agricultural machines with higher technology and modern greenhouse machines in its agenda.
TIDAPARS Industrial Group is a specialized producer and exporter of the most complete package of modern greenhouse equipment in Iran.
TIDAPARS is the main member of the board of directors of Manufacturers Association of Tractors, Combines, Machines, Supplies and Equipment (ATMAK) and an active member of the World Association of Agricultural Machinery (AGRIEVOLUTION).

TIDAPARS activity in domestic and foreign markets
In addition to selling its products domestically, TIDAPARS Industrial Group is also active in international markets.

TIDAPARS products have been widely sold in all provinces of Iran during the years of operation of this company.
In the field of export, countries such as: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar and Oman are also regular customers of TIDAPARS products.
In the countries of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, India, Finland, Canada, Bulgaria, Australia, Italy, England, Denmark and Sweden, agents and representatives of this company cooperate in trade and sales.

Introducing TIDAPARS Products
The modern machines of TIDAPARS Greenhouse Include: Seedling machines: Automatic Seedling Line and Greenhouse Seeder in the plug tray, watering boom, mist maker, Greenhouse Humidifier, bundling machine, fresh Agricultural Product Packaging Machine, types of lifters and mixers, All kinds of soil filling machines and mushroom cultivation beds in agriculture and greenhouse and nursery industry, all kinds of Agricultural and Garden Machines including Manure spreaders and Row spreaders and Field Transplanters and Mulching Machines.