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Fresh Agricultural Products Packing Machine

packing machine
packing machine for vegetable

TIDAPARS Fresh Agricultural Products Packing Machine

The packaging of agricultural products keeps freshness and enhances shelf life. It causes marketability, prevents environmental pollutions and reduces damage to the crop during transport. This machine is suitable for packing fresh fruits and vegetables, other food and non–food items.


– Flexible design for packaging a wide range of products

– Fast changeovers and adjustment for packaging various sized products

– Has a high sanitation level for quick and easy cleaning

– Equipped with PLC control system

– Applicable to different types of nylon with different material, thickness and width

– Design of a film roll replacement system easily and quickly by an operator

– Using mechanical controllers and PLC for optimal use of the device


The special feature of this device is the ability to pack products of large dimensions.This machine can package large lettuce, celery bunch, cabbage etc. Also it can even pack small fruits and vegetables in a single unit package.



– Printer unit

– Label installation

– Special mechanism for packing parts and very small objects

packing machine
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