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TIDAPARS Potting Machine

One of the most accepted potting machines for the horticultural and nursery sectors, suitable for almost all cultures –potted plants, bulbs, perennials, nursery stock, bedding plants, etc.

The wide range of pot sizes that can be used makes the TIDAPARS’s Potting Machine a very flexible and multipurpose machine. with a simple adjustment, this machine can be adapted for different pot sizes.

TIDAPARS Potting Machine reduces the cost of production, increases the capacity and increases the economic justification planting of flowering and ornamental plants. This machine is used in greenhouses, agriculture and forestry.

potting machine
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Technical characteristics:

– Maximum smooth and precision operation, even at top production speeds

– Specially designed soil system to preserve the quality of the substrate

– Suitable for any type of soil, even heavy and moist soil mixtures

– Machine’s front and rear wheels, make it easy to move and position this machine anywhere in greenhouse.

– Special soil hopper prevents bridge formation in the soil reservoir

– Separator part for round pots (optional for square pots)

– Easy to adjust drill function

– Adjustment for every size of pots in terms of height and diameter

– Rotation Direction: clockwise rotation

– User-friendly and simple control

– Touch screen for easy to use by operator


Portable, for easy transportation across the greenhouse

The circular system for maximum ergonomics at work

High safety standard (e.g. emergency OFF switches)

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This is a universal machine suitable for any soil type. The use of a unique soil elevating system makes this potting machine technically unsurpassed and user friendly. This provides a high level of reliability. The unique soil elevating system of this machine is designed which makes this machine quiet and low maintenance. The substrate is elevated in a regular fashion and at high capacity. The soil elevating system is design enables it to work with heavy or coarse substrate.


TIDAPARS potting machine is manufactured by the round pottrack for maximum ergonomics at work. This potting machine is a strongly built universal machine with a smooth action ‘Pottrack ring’. This machine is technically perfect, very mobile and can be by easily relocated. Because of the smooth action pottrack drive, like on this potting machine, it is possible to achieve higher speeds.

TIDAPARS Potting Machine is suitable for various types of pot and can also fill nylon bags in greenhouses. For cultivation of seed, seedlings and seedlings in different sizes. This machine packs about 2500 pots or nylon per hour and simultaneously creates a cavity in that soil for planting seedlings or flowers. This machine reduces the cost of production and increases the capacity and increases the economic justification of flowering and ornamental plants. This machine is suitable for filling a pot of different sizes.

TIDAPARS Potting Machine


– Suitable for pots from 6cm to 25cm

– Adjustable capacity up to 2500 pots per hour

– Mechanical take-off for the pots onto

-Perfectly central planting holes for optimum planting quality

– Quick and easy adjustment for pot height and diameter

– Intelligently constructed soil hopper prevents tunnel or bridge formation in the soil supply

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TIDAPARS potting machine is manufactured by the round pottrack for maximum ergonomics at work. Portable, for easy transportation