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Soil Filling TIDA2018C

soil filler-model 2018C
soil filler machine

Soil Filling TIDA2018C, TIDAPARS Poly Bag Filling Machine reduces the cost of production, increases the capacity and increases the economic justification of ornamental plants

This machine is used in greenhouses, agriculture and forestry


Technical characteristics:

– Maximum smooth-running and precision, even at top production speeds

– Specially designed soil system to preserve the quality of the substrate

– Suitable for any type of soil, even heavy and moist soil mixtures

– Intelligently constructed soil hopper prevents tunnel or bridge formation in the soil supply

– The drilling system is easy to adjust

– PLC system (Electric board included)

– Suitable for different bags sizes

– Convenient foot pedal for filling soil in pots

– User friendly operation and Simple control

– Touch screen for ease of use by the operator


High safety standard (e.g. emergency OFF switches)

Soil Filling TIDA2018C is portable & can be placed at any placement

Soil hopper capacity: 900L

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soil filler machine
TIDAPARS Soil Filling Machine technical specifications

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