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Watering Boom

TIDAPARS watering boom

Using technology and innovation, is the only way to get out of impasse in greenhouse crops and to get profit. Watering is one of the most important and labor intensive jobs in a greenhouse of all the possible greenhouse tasks to automate, watering will have the highest return on investment. Boom irrigation is considered the most accurate and flexible form of overhead irrigation

– Use of mobile boom makes reduced labor costs, losses caused by labor mistakes, as well as the convenience of work.

– This watering boom for nurseries of young plant has many advantages that fulfill the requirements that young plants have

– TIDAPARS Watering Boom has easy installation, and ability to reassembly suitable for rental greenhouses

– The watering boom move along double dedicated rails producing an ultra-stable ride throughout the full length of the greenhouse

– This design enables watering boom to deliver an equal and uniform amount of water as required by the crops

– Ability programming the irrigation steps, daily & monthly.


– Total uniformity of the irrigation system.
– Automatic management of greenhouses irrigation.
– Reduced size of the system in rest position.
– Minimum and constant bulk for all the length of the nursery, not depending from the length of the structure.
– Empty free space between the slide rails and the ground.

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