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Greenhouse Humidifier

greenhouse humidifier

Greenhouse Humidifier

Greenhouse humidification is important and protects plants. With “greenhouse humidifier”, you can control humidification and temperature levels perfectly

– “TIDAPARS Greenhouse Humidifier” is economical and simple to install and use

– Ability to spray the solutes needed by plants. The water particles are so small that they evaporate rapidly

– The Greenhouse Humidifier TIDA60 is combined with air circulation fan with aluminized body

– This machine is the ideal solution wherever a good air circulation is needed. It is perfect for big and small spaces

misting greenhouse humidifier
misting greenhouse

The benefits of a Greenhouse humidifier:

– Adjust the humidity and cooling of the environment

– Pest control by controlling ambient temperature and humidity

– Disinfecting warehouses, silos and public sites

– Transfer dust and odor particles to the outside environment by merging with released water particles.

– Large volume of atomization; Even and fine particle size

– Powerful engine, balanced with minimal noise.

– Durable in use, free from maintenance worries.

– Easy installation and operation

– High efficiency/low cost

– Wide spraying space/without surface wetting

humidifier device

humidifier device is a good device for humidifying greenhouses and livestock units.

Greenhouse Humidifier is used for the following items:

– Moisture creation

– Cooling the environment

– To regulate air humidity for greenhouses and mushroom breeding venues during germination and in livestock breeding (to balance the body temperature of the livestock to optimize health and maximize livestock production)

– to grow chickens in poultry units with a moisture content above 60%

– Pest control, By controlling the temperature and humidity of the environment, pests are prevented.

– Control the dust and smell bad
The particles of dust and odor in the environment are dissolved in these particles of water and are removed from the environment by air conditioning or settling down

– Spraying and fertilizing

Due to the existence of an aluminum propeller, this machine can spray a variety of solutions with centrifugal force uniformly throughout the space

mist in greenhouse
humidifier for poultry units
humidifier for mushroom breeding venues
humidifier for livestock units

This device is based on the principle of the production of very fine particles of water and their uniform distribution throughout the environment

The particles in the air evaporate rapidly by rapidly absorbing heat

Moisture regulator is applicable every season where moisture and heat are not suitable

At low humidity and dry temperatures, the water will be flooded into the humidity system of the environment.

At low humidity levels, humidity will be achieved by flooding the device

When humidity is high, the device can be switched ON without water and the device cools the greenhouse environment and is useful for plants that are exposed to extreme heat.



TIDAPARS Greenhouse Humidifier

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